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Number: 514

August 25, 2020
0830 - 1630

This course will cover essential elements for effective policing, including de-escalation training, citizen rights, proper use of force, community policing, and the ability to successfully police in a multiracial society.  Practical communication skills can assist law enforcement in preventing unnecessary injuries to both officers and citizens while reducing liability exposure to agencies and units of government.  This training will include communication skills necessary to avoid escalation in potentially intensifying circumstances.  If events worsen, participants will learn verbal and non-verbal skills for de-escalating potentially violent encounters.  Based on current events, it is imperative that officers recognize the rights of citizens to peacefully assemble and express their first amendment rights – versus situations that would justify an arrest.  Officers must respect the U.S. Constitution, have a strong understanding of the proper use of force, and remain current on prevailing case law and U.S. Supreme Court decisions.  This training will also address community policing initiatives and nationwide best practices for building community trust.  Instruction will include video examples of contemporary events.


Topics include:

  • Non-Escalation Skill Development
  • De-Escalation Skill Development
  • Use of Force Strategies
  • Reasonable Force Standards
  • Civil Rights and Legal Issues
  • First Amendment Gatherings
  • Constitutional Limits on Police Authority
  • The Intersection of Police and Race
  • How Confirmation Biases Shape our World View
  • The Role of Implicit Bias
  • Research Based Community Policing Initiatives
  • Building Community Trust