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Number: 713

March 13, 2023 - March 17, 2023
0800-1700 on 3/13-3/16 & 0800-1200 on 3/17/23

Hostage Negotiations Phase III training module is a continuation of Phase I & II that builds on the solid foundation of theories and practicum of Hostage Negotiations.

Phase III will provide comprehensive training in the following areas:

  • Supervisory and Management of a Hostage Negotiation Team and Hostage Scene;
  • Expert Witnessing and Prediction of Resolution of Hostage / Barricade Situations;
  • Mentally Disturbed / Suicidal Risk Analysis;
  • Communication and Negotiations Skills with the Mentally Impaired;
  • Managing Threatening Situations;
  • Stress & Anxiety Management and Psychological Threat Assessment;
  • Communication and Negotiation Skills Applicable to Jail and Correction Facilities;
  • Dealing with victims of P.T.S. D.

This is a Tested Training Class. A 50 Question Test Based on Phase I, II & III will be given. A Passing Score of 75% or greater is required to receive your Certification Certificate. Each student will be critiqued on their ability to fulfill the duties of the primary negotiator.

NOTE: To qualify to take Phase III Hostage Negotiations Certification you must have completed Hostage Negotiations Phase I & II through Public Agency Training Council. No other hostage training courses will qualify an individual/team qualify to take Phase III.


MTU 8 will pay for a maximum of 2 spots per member agency. (Register with MTU 8 @ 309-268-8430, or To enroll additional Officers, please use the following PATC link & pay the fee:

 $695.00 for all other seats (Register with Public Agency Training Council online at: