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Number: 705

  • Officer Wellness
  • Procedural Justice
September 24, 2020
0800 - 1600

This class will provide fact-based information and debunk the numerous nutrition, health and wellness “fads” that exist.  Attendees will be empowered with science-based information to make positive changes to their nutrition, fitness, and overall health.  Attendees will leave this training session with the knowledge and resources to have better informed conversations with their personal physicians and ultimately become the best advocates for their own health optimization.

This program is interactive and will take a commonsense approach to explaining the subject of health, wellness, and fitness.  The training will cover in detail how to build a successful wellness/fitness program for the individual as well as guidance on implementing sustainable wellness initiatives for organizations.

Topics include:

1)  Insulin Resistance, Inflammation, Heart Health, Disease Prevention and how they are related.

2)  Guidance to assist attendees in understanding their own blood work and how blood markers relate to overall health.

3)  Tests to insist your doctor order and why they are relevant to disease prevention and early detection.

4)  Employee wellness focused on Nutrition, Supplements, Exercise, Sleep and Stress Management.

5) How to gauge success in wellness/fitness programs to include pre- and post-testing
options and how to fund them.

6) Nutrition instruction that will discuss in detail what to eat for reduction in bodily inflammation and health optimization.  Macro nutrient based nutritional protocols will be discussed and created for everyone attending the session.

7) How proper nutrition protocols directly relate to improved blood health markers, disease prevention, insulin response and reduction of bodily inflammation.

8) The importance of and guidance on how to optimize sleep, reduce stress, adequately hydrate and prioritize recovery.

The fitness programming/movement portion of the class is appropriate for beginners as well as experienced practitioners.  The topics covered include fitness best practices, workout programming, breathing exercises and how to begin a safe, effective workout routine immediately.

Participants should wear exercise clothing.