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Number: 101

  • Use of Force
August 17, 2020 - August 21, 2020
0800 - 1600

Instruction will focus on effective methods for teaching marksmanship skills, evaluation of shooter performance, and correcting gun handling deficiencies. Participants will return to their agencies with a clear understanding of range safety protocols, weapons maintenance procedures, and how to manage an efficient in-service firearms program.

Topics include:

  • Teaching and coaching methods
  • Range preparation and safety standards
  • Target scoring and qualification
  • Semi-automatic pistol fundamentals
  • Patrol shotgun basics
  • Low light shooting techniques
  • Weapons cleaning, documentation
  • Planning simunitions and role playing exercises
  • Rifle safety/Instruction techniques
  • Demonstrating basic shooting positions
  • Tactical and precision shooting
  • Shooting from behind cover
  • Sight alignment and adjustment
  • Grip and trigger control
  • Ballistics & weather
  • Loading and unloading ammunition
  • Malfunction clearing procedures
  • Correcting marksmanship weaknesses
  • Field stripping/rifle maintenance

Students Must Bring:

  • Ear and eye protection
  • Duty belt with flashlight
  • Pistol
  • 12 gauge shotgun (if available)
  • AR-15 or M-16 rifle (5.56 mm or .223 caliber) with iron sights
  • A two point tactical sling or a one point sling
  • 750 rounds of  pistol ammunition
  • 400 rounds of rifle ammunition
  • 10 rifle slugs – 12 gauge
  • Billed baseball cap

Safety Procedures:

  • Students will arrive at the range wearing their duty belts and handguns
  • Duty belts will be worn at all times unless otherwise instructed
  • Handguns will remain holstered unless otherwise instructed
  • Rifles & Shotguns must be unloaded and transported in a case or sleeve
  • Rifles & Shotguns will remain encased pending a safety check by instructors
  • Students will not load, unload, or handle any weapon until instructed
  • Students will follow all commands from the instructional staff
  • Students will adhere to all range safety rules established by the Bloomington Police Department and the Illinois State Police

Dress Code: Casual/soft clothing is appropriate for this course. However – for safety reasons – shorts and sandals are prohibited. Athletic shoes, utility shoes, work boots, or other laced shoes are permitted. Please bring appropriate attire for inclement weather. Much of the training will occur outdoors.

Instructor: Illinois State Police