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Number: 722

August 21, 2023 - August 25, 2023
0830 - 1630

The goal of this course is to prepare SFST trained officers who are proficient in using the SFSTs to teach others to use these tests.

The first two days of this course focus on basic principles and techniques of teaching, and on the specific application of those principles and techniques to the curriculum employed for classroom training in SFSTs.  During those two days, the student-instructors become able to:

  • Explain adult learning principles and their importance in conducting effective training
  • Identify and describe the three Domains of Learning, and give examples of each domain in the context of DWI enforcement
  • Define and describe the four-step process of teaching and learning
  • Discuss how to increase learning efficiency by involving learners more fully in the learning process
  • Describe the documents that make up the standard curriculum packages for the SFST School
  • Describe the content and format of the lesson plans for the SFST School
  • Describe the characteristics of a good SFST instructor
  • Carry out the instructor preparation tasks for any session of the SFST School
  • Describe and apply specific guidelines for conducting each step of the four-step process of teaching and learning
  • Use appropriate questioning techniques to enhance students’ involvement in presentations
  • Use visual aids to improve the effectiveness of presentations
  • Plan and manage an alcohol workshop
  • Administer the use of IACP/NHTSA approved video tapes for optional SFST training

During the last portion of the course, the student-instructor will have opportunities to apply what they have learned. They will teach selected portions of the SFST School. The student-instructors will be told of their practice teaching assignments on the first day of the course, and they will have time in class on the first two days to begin preparing for the assignments. Students are also required to achieve a minimum score of 80% on a written examination.


Instructor: Tony Lebron