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Number: 600

February 12, 2021
0800 - 1700

This course will certify attendees to instruct others on the use of TASER Electronic Control Devices. This is considered a 16-hour course for all attendees (8 hours online + 8 hours in class). AXON no longer differentiates between new certifications and re-certifications.

This course has an online component that MUST be completed prior to attending the practical portion of instruction with a TASER Master Instructor.  Attendees will need to log in to take the online portion of class before the in-classroom/practical portion takes place.  The online component must be completed a week prior to the in class portion. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made once online course has closed. Once registered with TASER, the student will receive an email confirmation with further instructions.

TASER Instructor courses are open to sworn law enforcement and active duty military personnel.

What to Bring: The dress is casual.  Bring your department issued TASER holster (if applicable).  Holsters will be available for those who need them.  Please bring your duty belt with NO firearms, ammunition, or weapons of any kind.

** MTU 8 Member Agencies: When enrolling officers from your department please include their email address. Their email address will be utilized for AXON to communicate with them regarding the online portion of the course.

MTU 8 Member Agencies PLEASE NOTE: The registration deadline to be guaranteed a spot is December 18, 2020.  There may be spots available after this date, but they will not be guaranteed as AXON will open up the courses to those from outside MTU 8 after this date. Registration will close on January 12, 2021. No exceptions will be made.