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Number: 711

December 6, 2021 - December 10, 2021
0830 - 1630

***This is a certified course through Human Factor Research Group***

This course is offered to certify officers to be instructors for Threat Pattern Recognition & Use of Force Basic.

This defensive tactics system is the first subject control system developed through tactical, legal and medical research. Tactically, the system addresses the most common types of resistance officer’s encounter, allowing the instructor to maximize training on job related techniques. Legally, the system teaches a simple use of force continuum that clarifies the appropriate force level for every level of resistance. Medical research was conducted on every technique to refine technique efficiency and to ensure the medical implications were proportional to the level of resistance.

Course Goals:

  • To examine survival learning research in an effort to enhance survivability in combat situations
  • To instruct a subject control system that is compatible with the effects of survival stress
  • To teach a subject control system based upon the four most common types of resistance
  • To refine student technique to the instructor level
  • To teach instructional methods designed to enhance a student’s ability to learn survival techniques, increase his/her confidence level, and assist in the successful application of physical techniques

Participants must pass written & practical exams to be certified. Exercise clothing and tennis shoes are appropriate attire for this course.

Instructor: Robert Davidsmeyer