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Number: 719

November 18, 2022
0830 - 1630

This course has been designed with the purpose of addressing the issues that are present in the makeup of many violent adolescents. The news is replete with horror stories of adolescent behaviors that are unspeakably violent. Many of the recent issues in our society have been responsible for this unprecedented increase in adolescent violence. This training will explore the main components that have facilitated this societal issue. The problem of violent adolescents is highly complex and therefore, the solution is multifaceted and equally as complex. It has micro and macro origins and as such has micro and macro solutions. Micro issues are those within the personal world. Macro issues are those that exist in the world.

This course will present a review of the issues that cause the increase of high levels of violence within our society. This exploration will be presented in a manner that effects law enforcement. Law enforcement is regularly faced with violent adolescents on one hand and changing attitudes toward law enforcement on the other.  The basic rights and responsibilities of adolescents are changing, as is their culpability.

The goal of this course is to increase awareness of law enforcement regarding the origins of violent adolescent behaviors and interventions that will assist law enforcement to react.

  • Discussion of macro and micro rationales for adolescent violence
  • Discussion of micro components and relevant responses
  • Discussion of macro components and relevant responses
  • Review of the function violence has on the human brain
  • Review myths and facts regarding adolescent development
  • Impact of prenatal drug exposure on violent behavior
  • Changing morals, mores and norms in society
  • Moral disengagement and mass violent behaviors
  • Effects of functional and dysfunctional families
  • Discussion of how ethnicity effects adolescent violence
Instructor: Gail Sullivan