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Number: 711

October 12, 2021
0830 - 1630

This class examines people principles that build & support professional relationships, sometimes with people we would rather not know!  The class categorizes people you supervise & work with laterally.  It examines communication styles of people with whom we interact regularly & how to proceed successfully.

The class examines & discusses:

Category 1:  How to assess, & assertively respond to covert & overt manipulation in subordinates & other Supervisors.

Category 2:  Ways to strengthen subordinates who lack confidence, lack coping skills for handling their personal lives, are disorganized in their work habits, & inconsistent in their work performance.

Category 3:  Ways to build a work team mentality for achieving the Department mission & supporting each other in the squad.

Jan will underscore the importance of building a trust baseline with all Department personnel by being ethically consistent & predictable, regardless of another’s behavior. Emphasis will also be placed on self-awareness, self-management, & social awareness skills when communicating in the house.

Jan teaches this class in a workshop environment.   Participants will work on situations in small groups with varying communicator’s tactics & personality types.

Instructor: Jan Mirikitani