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Gail Sullivan, M.A. - Gail is a graduate of Loyola University of Chicago holding an undergraduate degree in Sociology. In 1986, she was awarded a Masters of Arts degree from DePaul University of Chicago in Human Services. She has worked in the field of social services in various capacities for more than two decades. Gail has testified as an expert witness for the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office in both the Juvenile and Criminal Courts in the area of sexual abuse of children. She has served on the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Task Force on the Mass Molestation of Children and currently has been appointed to the Cook County Child Death Review Team.


Patricia Binfa, JD - Ms. Binfa graduated from University of Illinois (BA) and received her law degree from John Marshall Law School in Chicago. She has worked in the field of higher education administration for the past two decade. As such, she has advocated for the advancement of education for law enforcement and first responders.

She has held the position of Assistant Dean of Education at Westwood College. During her tenure she developed curriculum for the School of Justice and served as the chairperson of a national committee to advance higher education and law enforcement. She supervised a professional faculty of fifty plus college professors. She developed an advisory board of community professionals and academic professionals to enhance the employment of graduates.

She is currently a tenured professor at Joliet Community College in the school of Health and Human Services. Ms. Binfa specializes in law enforcement education. She developed the paralegal curriculum for the Joliet College community. She served as the faculty advisor for the law enforcement student association; sponsoring such events as St. Baldricks and the Law Enforcement Olympics. She is the representative on campus to encourage departments to develop law enforcement curriculum for Joliet Community College.


Jeffrey Arnold - Jeffrey M. Arnold is a sole proprietor specializing in dispute resolution services, training court management consulting, and governmental affairs. A retired judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, having served from March 3, 1995 to December 2, 1996, he was assigned, during his tenure on the bench, to the Child Protection Division, having also served in high volume Traffic and Civil Courts. Prior to being appointed a judge, he was the Administrative Director of the Circuit Court of Cook County, the largest integrated court system in the country. As Administrative Director, he was responsible for the day-to-day operations of a system which employs more than 2500 professional and clerical staff, 405 judges, and disposes of almost six million cases annually.

A graduate of Beloit College, with a law degree from The John Marshall Law School, he has been an Adjunct Professor in the Roosevelt University School of Public Administration, and has guest lectured at Chicago’s leading law schools on topics of Criminal Justice and Court Administration. He has served as faculty for the Institute for Court Management and the National Judicial College. He is currently an instructor in the Juvenile Justice Program for Law Enforcement officers administered by Western Illinois University.

While Administrative Director, Judge Arnold planned and implemented the establishment of the largest court-annexed Mandatory Arbitration Program in the country, as well as, a Hearing Officer Program for Child Support Cases and a Permanency Planning Officer Program for Child Protection Cases. Since leaving the bench, Judge Arnold has also involved himself in the field of alternative dispute resolution. A certified mediator and chair-qualified arbitrator, he has served as an Administrative Law Judge for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, the Illinois Department of Public Health, the Illinois Department of Human Services, the Illinois Gaming Board and the Illinois State Lottery.

During his tenure as Administrative Director, Judge Arnold was responsible for the development and drafting of the Illinois Pre-Trial Services Act and the establishment in Cook County of the first Pre-Trial Services Department in Illinois. He also served as co~chair of the Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative which resulted in a grant by the Annie E. Casey Foundation to Cook County for programs providing alternatives to pre-trial detention for minors charged with delinquency.

Judge Arnold, with Mary T. Sammon, was the principal author of Achieving Excellence in the Court and Clerk’s Office For Nebraska’s Fourth Judicial District, Volume One: Operational And Management Review of District Court (October 2004). He co-authored, with David C. Steelman, the New Orleans Collaborative on Timely Adoptions: Removing Barriers to Prompt Completion of Child Protection Cases, published April, 1998. He also collaborated with Mr. Steelman in creating an experimental Caseflow Management Improvement Plan for the courts in North Cairo and Ismailia, Egypt. Judge Arnold co-authored, with Justice Robert Payant, a Manual for Court Administrators in the Russian Judicial Department (2000). Previously he co-authored, with Mr. Steelman, the Cook County Circuit Court Improvement Project Juvenile Division Improvement Plan, published May 1, 1992, the Juvenile Division Judge Workload and Judgeship Needs Report, published May 21,1993, the Criminal Division Improvement Plan and Criminal Division Judge Workload and Judgeship Needs Report, published in 1994.

Judge Arnold’s expertise has served institutions on a national level. He is a past president of the National Association for Court Management and has served on NACM’s Professional Development Advisory Committee. He has also served on committees for the National Center for State Courts, the National Conference of Metropolitan Courts and the National Court Reporters Association.
March 7, 2022 - March 10, 2022: 0830 - 1630

The program will provide officers with the skills and techniques useful in handling problems encountered when dealing with the Juvenile Justice System. The course will cover the following topics: Overview of…

Mandates: Civil Rights, Human Rights