Field Training Officer Certification
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This forty-hour course is specifically designed for experienced uniformed patrol personnel selected to serve as Field Training Officers with probationary employees. The course emphasizes the FTO’s role in assisting probationers certify for solo patrol operations by applying the knowledge and skills acquired during Basic Police Training/Certification and using them according to agency policy, procedures and community service delivery standards.
The instruction highlights two essential Field Training and Evaluation Process skills: 1) the ability to examine and objectively document the probationer’s job behaviors using the 2009 revised non-numerical/behaviorally anchored standardized assessment guidelines and, 2) analyzing the probationer’s training needs and using proper instructional techniques for corrective action. The instruction presentation will focus upon discussion as well as hands-on application of the course materials in small group and individual/student exercises. Students will be required to complete out-of-classroom reading assignments from the course text and workbook, Breaking Routine™: Field Training Officer. The course content will include:
• What every FTO really needs to know about the operational structure of the Field Training & Evaluation Process.
• The Instructional Relay Race: Taking over where Basic Police Training/Certification left off.
o Inventorying the probationer’s current knowledge and skill proficiencies.
• Selection and use of on-the-job instructional techniques: finding the best tools to meet the challenge.
• Utilization of legally defensible, non-numerical standardized evaluation guidelines.
• Objectively documenting probationer performance.
• Documenting the extent of training and coaching without becoming a best-seller author.
• Strategically addressing Probationer areas of Corrective Action Necessary.
• Utilizing the Probationer Officer Manual as the Field Training playbook.
• Practical Directed Patrol Mapping™: Preparing the Probationer for Proactive - Community Oriented Policing: Dancing with SARA!
• Creating a Self-Reliant™ law enforcement agent.
**** Special attention: Students should be familiar with their Department’s current Field Training and Evaluation Process and should be briefed on their agency’s process. Students are encouraged to bring a copy of their agency’s Probationary Office Manual and forms to class.

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