Current Trends in Drug Abuse
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This 1-day course will focus on the latest trends in substance abuse, including the dramatic shift towards recreational prescription drug use and the new designer synthetic drugs, such as "Flakka" (alpha-PVP) and the next generation of K2/Spice "Spanked!" (ADB-PINACA). New prescription drugs of abuse, such as Zyhydro, will be discussed in context with Vicodin and the new form of OxyContin: O.P. Special emphasis will be placed on new 2014 state drug laws and paraphernalia (Vape Pens law), drug user demographics, concealment techniques, and enforcement recommendations on drug induced excited delirum.

This training will benefit detectives, patrol officers, school resource officers, narcotics investigators, and probation officers. Each student will receive an 81-page resource manual.

Topics include:
• Recognition, Pharmacology and Legal Update
• Current "Designer Synthetic Drugs" in Illinois
• Video clips of drug induced excited delirium produced by designer synthetic drugs
• Illinois Medical Marijuana Up-Date
• Prescription drug abuse in Illinois Up-Date
• Current Drug Seizure Data by Illinois Counties
• The facts vs myths of Russian synthetic heroin: Krocodil.
• "Shake & Bake Meth"- its recent comeback in Illinois
• Legal Update: Vape Pens, E-cigarettes, and innovative police control measures

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