Sex Offender Registration & Restriction Enforcement
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Students will be provided an introduction of the Sex Offender Registration Act, including explanations for all of the terms associated within the Act. Students will be provided an outline and understanding of the processes and documentation required for registration, updates, and notifications of sex offenders. Different aspects and expansion of registration as it applies to The Adam Walsh Act and the Murder and Violent Offender Against Youth registration will be explained. Students will be provided an overview on how to utilize sex offender registration and restriction enforcement as a pro-active police tool, which will be used in conjunction with address verification checks on offenders located within the community.

Topics Include:
• Overview of Sex Offender Registration
• Juvenile Registration
• Murderer and Violent Offender Against Youth Registration
• Sexually Violent Persons / Sexually Dangerous Persons
• Who is Required to Register / Durations of Registration
• Notification & Registration
• Completion of Registration Forms
• Investigation of Registration and Restriction Violations
• Adam Walsh Act / Application and Violations
• Community Notification
• Child Sex Offender and Sexual Predator Restrictions
• Residence Checks
• Interviewing Sexual Offenders
Who Should Attend:
• All those involved with Sex Offender Registration: Police Officers, Probation Officers, State’s Attorneys, Investigators & Administrators
• LEADS Operators and Dispatchers dealing with Sex Offender LEADS Caution File (Modifying, Maintaining & Updating Sex Offender Records) and those who register sex offenders

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