Patrol Tactics
Number: 605
MemberFee: No Fee for Member Agencies
Contact: 309-268-8430 or mtu8training@heartland.edu

Patrol Officers are required to deal with a variety of incidences on any given day. Some are considered more “routine,” while others are more serious and potentially life threatening in nature. This course is designed to provide all Patrol Officers with tools, tactics, and the proper mindset to assist them in the hazards they face on a daily basis. Officers will be introduced to topics both in classroom presentation and practical exercises.

Topics covered will include:
• OODA Loop
• Use of Force
• High Risk/Felony Traffic Stops
• Cover versus Concealment
• Downed Officer/Victim Rescue Techniques
• Perimeters
• Flanking maneuvers (L-Ambush)
• Mindset
• Equipment Considerations
Equipment Required:
• Department Vehicle
(one per agency represented at the training)
• Clothing suitable for outside movement
(BDU style recommended)
• Duty Belt
• Duty Weapon (no ammo is required for this course)
Equipment Recommended:
• Long Gun
(must be qualified with your department)
• Gloves
• Knee Pads
• Department Ballistic Shield
Course Disclaimer: Officers attending should be physically able to participate in practical exercises that require them to run, kneel, lie prone, and carry/drag the weight of another adult person. Lunch and break time may be kept to a minimum in order to get the most out of the training. Water and/or a sports drink is highly recommended. Come prepared to participate.

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