Basic Patrol Rifle Training
Number: 619
MemberFee: No Fee for Member Agencies
Contact: 309-268-8430 or mtu8training@heartland.edu

This course is designed to be a “Patrol Rifle 101” type of course. The course will provide the attendee with the fundamentals of the AR-15/M-16 type of patrol rifle. The student will be taught basic skills of gun handling including reloads, malfunction drills, transitions, and shooting positions.
Each student should bring:
• AR-15 .223 type rifle
• Sling for rifle
• 400 rounds of factory ammunition
• 50 rounds of handgun ammunition
• 2 magazines minimum, 3 would be optimum
• Six (6) .223 “dummy” rounds
• Safety glasses and hearing protection
• Duty Gear
• Vest
Maximum course size is 8.
Verification of LIABILITY INSURANCE coverage from any department utilizing the firing range is required prior to the beginning of class. Please send a Certificate of Liability Insurance verifying the student is covered by his/her department. Students will not be allowed on the range without this proof of insurance.

Instructor & Location Date/Time