Surviving Hidden Weapons for Police
Number: 622
MemberFee: No Fee for Member Agencies
Contact: 309-268-8430 or mtu8training@heartland.edu

Instruction will include concealment areas on people, purchased and self-made items, altered devices, and armaments that are specifically designed to conceal dangerous weapons. Emphasis will be placed on refocusing officer safety skills and using various tactical advantages. The course is highly interactive with several live demonstrations showing proper search techniques and proactive safety procedures. Students will view real-life videos of "winnable" situations to illustrate officer safety learning points. Hundreds of dangerous concealed weapons will be shown and discussed.
Topics include:
• Search Techniques
• Top 10 Deadly Sins of Law Enforcement
• Observation and Communication Skills
• Hiding Places for Contraband and Weapons
• Altered and Hidden Weapons
• The FBI's Violent Encounters Study
• Weapon Retention Checks
• Preparing for Violent Encounters

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