Policing in a Diverse Community
Number: 633
MemberFee: No Fee for Member Agencies
Contact: 309-268-8430 or mtu8training@heartland.edu

This program will examine strategic responses to five major tenets related to policing communities with diverse demographics, creating/maintaining public credibility that undermines negative stilted media coverage and false accusations of special interest groups.
The program will discuss:
1. Police response when low frequency, high risk incidents become continuous exacerbated high frequency with on-going high risk.
a. Methods for protecting your agency’s reputation and Officers from political and media misrepresentation.
b. Serving those who serve by keeping your pulse on Officers needing emotional and mental support, encouraging EAP usage, and needed time-off.
c.The role of IT in providing substantive reliable evidence.
2. Challenging the fallacies of logic used by some pandering special interest groups, politicians, and media outlets: over-simplification, false comparisons, either/or.
3. Embracing bottom-line mission-driven community policing as a comprehensive goal for your entire department, not the sole duties of a handful of Officers with COP assignments.
4. Establishing on-going community programs that invest in identified community areas vulnerable to crime with specific targeted demographic audiences.
5. Policing ourselves: an underlying hornet’s nest festering the rhetoric, demands, & refusal to stop the protests. An ethical response to acknowledging, coaching, disciplining, and if necessary, terminating Officers who abuse the authority of their badge, weapon, & the law.

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