Criminal Law & Procedure (Jeffrey Pavletic)
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This course will assist, inform and update law enforcement in the criminal procedure laws as they pertain to criminal investigations. The course examines procedural law, substantive law, case law, and photographic crime scene studies. Actual documented case studies are used to illustrate the current state of our laws.
Topics include:
• Potential pitfalls for law enforcement
• Miranda
• Electronic recording of custodial interrogations
• The law regarding polygraphs and voice stress analyzers
• Search and Seizure/Fourth Amendment
• Right to Privacy Law
• Law regarding police surveillance
• Law regarding personal electronic devices
• U.S. v. Franks
• Fifth Amendment
• Terry v. Ohio
• New legislation on identification procedures
• New legislation on officer-worn body camera act
• New law on homicide and questionable death protocol
• New legislation on the Police Community Improvement Act
• Supreme Court Rule 3.6
• Additional law updates

Instructor & Location Date/Time
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.