Knock & Talk Operations Techniques
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Knock & Talk operations, when conducted properly, can be a very successful tactic to combat illegal narcotic trafficking. Officers must receive proper training and understand the limitations of knock & talks in order for this tactic to be effective.
One of the most difficult aspects of conducting knock & talk operations is gaining voluntary consent to enter a residence and conduct a search. Officers must put themselves in a position to win. This starts with the initial approach to the residence, knocking on the door, and the tone and demeanor presented by the officers.
There are numerous Supreme Court rulings that dictate proper ways officers should carry out knock & talks. The 4th Amendment of the constitution governs illegal search and seizures. Officer must have a clear understanding of the 4th Amendment and current case law to legally conduct knock & talk operations.
In recent years, several knock & talk operations have turned into deadly encounters. Officers must conduct preoperational briefings and cover all tactical considerations prior to initiating a knock & talk operation.
This intense one day training course will provide in-depth information and proper techniques & tactics for officers to conduct knock & talk operations. Often times, the difference between reasonable suspicion and probable cause determines if a knock & talk violated the 4th Amendment. Officers will be presented with material to clearly define those differences. Sample policies and procedures will be provided during the course. In an effort to prevent history from repeating itself, case studies supported by video surveillance will be presented where knock & talks turned deadly.
This course is presented by veteran instructors who actively use knock & talk techniques to gain entry into suspected drug violators’ residences and seize large quantities of drugs, firearms, and U.S. currency.
Topics Covered:
• Knock & Talk Operations
• Up-to-Date Case Law
• Obtaining Voluntary Consent
• Reasonable Suspicion Vs. Probable Cause
• 4th Amendment Considerations
• Drug House Indicators
• Affirmative Links
• Multiple Arrests
• Tactical Considerations
• Violent Encounters
• Implementation of Policy & Procedures
• Proper Report Writing
• Successful Prosecution

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