Technology, Threats, & Trends in Criminal Investigations
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Technology saturates our everyday lives. Yet, so many technologies are being developed with the specific purpose of targeting police officers or hiding criminal activity.

This is a unique and eye-opening class for prosecutors, law enforcement personnel and anyone working in the judicial system who wants to learn more on how everyday technologies are being used (or misused) to commit crimes, avoid or detect investigations, and to conduct counter surveillance. However, not only will this class examine and demonstrate how individuals are misusing these technologies, it will also reveal simple, inexpensive ways to mitigate there success as well as provide some investigative tips.

Although dealing with technology issues, this course is instructed in a manner that both the novice and the expert will understand and appreciate. The course utilizes a combination of lecture, multimedia examples, case studies, and live demonstrations involving the attendees. Evaluations of this course have been excellent and many have stated that it should be mandatory training for every officer.

Topics Covered:
• Video counter-surveillance
• The vulnerabilities of Caller ID including, spoofing and unblocking software.
• Virtual Numbers
• What the metadata in digital photographs reveals.
• Bluetooth tracking
• Devious and dangerous Smartphone app.
• GPS & Geo-location threats.
• Understanding IP addresses and how to identify a target
• Proxy servers, VPNs and TOR.
• A Darkweb & Bitcoin primer.
• Much, much more!

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