K-9 Legal Update
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Nationally recognized for prosecuting drug trafficking cases, Ted Daus tells it like it is. What a perfect opportunity for K-9 handlers to learn straight from the prosecutor what he needs to hear from you on the stand when presenting your drug cases to the jury. Ted navigates his way through the latest courtroom decision about police detection dogs and takes you along for the ride. Ted opens everyone’s eyes to what has been happening in the courtroom and what the future looks like for drug detection K-9 teams across America.

Some of the topics covered will be:
• Dog deployment on cars
• Use of dogs during search warrants
• Dog reliability
• Dog sniffing houses, warehouses, Fed Ex/ UPS boxes, people, safety deposit boxes, hotels/motels, & apartments
• Timing issue related to dog deployments
• Court testimony (good & bad phrases for the courtroom)
• Current national case law updates
• Dogs and legal marijuana and/or medical marijuana
• Dogs alert and change of behavior (jumping into cars)
• Record keeping (what is important after U.S. vs. Harris)

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