Detecting Deception in Criminal Investigations
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In many instances, law enforcement officers have limited opportunities to interview witnesses to narcotic-related crimes or interrogate suspects that are under arrest. It is crucial that officers obtain a truthful and accurate account of what occurred. Officers must understand and identify when witnesses or suspects are being truthful or being deceptive.

This course will teach officers how to reliably recognize and understand verbal and non-verbal cues of deception. Officers will also learn how to identify deception in written statements.

Identifying verbal and non-verbal indicators of deception is a necessary talent in for today’s law enforcement officers involved in investigating narcotic-related crimes.

The instructor will illustrate various verbal and non-verbal indicators of deception using videorecorder interviews of actual witnesses and suspects.

Topics covered:
• Practical scenarios will also be used to reinforce the lecture.
• Verbal Indicators of Deception
• Non-Verbal Indicators of Deception
• Indicators of Deceit in Written Statements
• Indicators of Veracity in Written Statement
• Anatomical Indicators of Stress
• Recognizing Verbal Indicators of Truthful Statements
• Understanding Key Factors Analyzed in any Statements

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