Dynamics of Domestic Violence
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Police officers represent the front line in the service response to domestic violence. Law enforcement has a unique perspective on this all too common social problem. Officers are often asked to intervene in this life-long problem of citizens in a few minutes. Answering a domestic disturbance call is the second most dangerous call an officer can answer. This training takes into consideration the frustration of multiple calls to one address, the disenchantment of not understanding the dynamics of the repeat victim and the efforts that are being put into place to hold all parties accountable.

Understanding the dynamics of domestic violence is paramount to law enforcement when they are evaluating and interpreting evidence and interviews at the domestic violence scene. Maintaining a working and updated understanding of legal mandates regarding domestic violence is imperative to successful law enforcement. Law enforcement also needs a positive and essential relationship with other organizations whose mission is to assist domestic violence issues. The successful law enforcement officer has working knowledge of all of the aspects of domestic violence ranging from a psychological, legal, forensic, social and prevention.

Course Content:
• Psychological:
o Psychology of domestic violence
o Physical/psychological implications
o Actions of abusers and victims
o Long term effects upon victims and children
o Dynamics of aggression and manipulation
o Offender behavioral cycles
o Unrealistic expectations of relationships
o Power and control differential in domestic violence
o Vicarious impact of domestic violence on officer

• Legal:
o Illinois statutes related to domestic violence 725 ILCS5/115-7.4
o Illinois Stalking statute and relationship to domestic violence
o Illinois No Contact Stalking orders
o Orders of Protection

• Law Enforcement:
o Interpretation of injuries
o Impact of police response
o Impact of police non-response
o Domestic violence victim centered investigations

• Adjunct Agencies:
o Role of domestic violence advocates
o Role of social services for prevention

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