Domestic Terrorism
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Domestic Terrorism has claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent people over the past several years. Unfortunately, the acts continue to be carried out across the United States. Participants in this course learn about domestic terrorist groups and how to recognize indicators relating to domestic terrorism. There has been a tremendous increase in narco-terrorism activities involving Transnational Criminal Organizations. These relationships will be explained, and investigative techniques will be discussed to assist in dismantling these organizations operating in communities across the United States. Students will explore law enforcement's roles and responsibilities in combating domestic terrorism. Officers will be presented with information regarding common terrorism indicators to include dress, speech, paraphernalia, social media posts, and several others. Officer safety issues relating to domestic terrorism are also covered, as many domestic terrorism events have turned into active shooter situations. The final block of instruction will involve debriefing several domestic terrorism events.

Topics Include:
• Categories of Terrorist Organizations
• Identification of Domestic Terror Groups
• Understanding Cyber Terrorism
• Narco-Terrorism
• Terrorism Indicators for Law Enforcement
• Officer Safety Concerns
• Domestic Terrorism Case Studies

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:
• Define domestic terrorism and contrast it to other forms of terrorism.
• Describe funding sources including illegal and controlled drugs.
• Identify major domestic terrorist groups and potential targets.
• Explain how domestic terrorist groups recruit and operate.
• Identify where domestic terrorist groups are found geographically.
• Recognize indicators relating to domestic terrorism.
• Distinguish between protest groups and domestic terrorists.

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