Conducting Complete Traffic Stops
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This course focuses on the relationship between traffic enforcement and criminal enforcement to maximize a patrol officer’s performance. Specific techniques are covered to assist officers in detecting criminal activity during roadside traffic stops. Students will receive extensive instruction in roadside interviews and hidden compartments, to include hands-on training with vehicles equipped with aftermarket installed false compartments. Students will participate in mock roadside interviews in an effort to detect criminal deception.

The core course modules include:
• Indicators and Detection Methods
• Legal Considerations
• Roadside Interview Techniques
• Professionalism at the Traffic Stop
• Passenger Vehicle Concealment Locations
• Officer Safety

During this course, he will show through the eyes of his in-car camera the many traffic stops he has made that have led to the arrests of dozens of criminals, to include suspected terrorists, and the seizures of millions of dollars in U.S. Currency.

The skill sets taught in this course allow officers to uncover and deter criminal and terrorist activity while conducting everyday patrol responsibilities.

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