Internal Affairs, Citizen Complaints, & Officer Discipline
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• Essential elements of a reasonable Internal Affairs or Professional Standards system
• Common complaints about police misconduct systems
• Importance of firm definitions of what constitutes a complaint and what is misconduct; peculiarities of conduct unbecoming allegations
• Recognize the major steps in conducting a reasonable IA/OPS investigation and the importance of a systemic approach to each investigation
• Understand the necessity and timing for compelled statements and learn when it’s imperative to have statements transcribed
• Delineate the needs and investigative techniques for sexual and domestic misconduct, social media and critical incident investigations
• Recognize the agency cultural effects and increasing costs of employee retaliation claims
• Acknowledge the stress and available options for employees during IA/OPS investigations
• Learn the positive approaches to protecting your IA/OPS investigations and imposed discipline
• Introduction to emerging issues in IA/OPS operations
• Fundamentals of a reasonable IA/OPS investigation: Intake and transparency of the complaint process, interviews, evidence collection including electronic evidence, and consistency in adjudication
• Special considerations during the investigation of critical incidents
• Police employee sexual misconduct: The problem, necessity for written policy, special investigative practices and supervisory control techniques
• Police employee involved domestic misconduct: Criminal vs. Administrative, special investigative techniques, administrative no-contact orders, and necessity for written policy
• Social media issues and the foundation for conduct unbecoming for police employees
• Employee retaliation and emerging high cost issues in police agencies

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