Physical Evidence in Burglary Investigations
Number: 760
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The most prolific serial criminal that any community will face is the burglary offender. Driven by drugs, gambling debts or just day-to-day survival, a single individual will victimize a community until caught. The successful prosecution of just one offender can have dramatic results on a crime rate.
This one-day interactive training session is designed for any investigator assigned to burglary investigations either as a crime scene technician processing a scene or as the primary follow-up investigator. This interactive session includes both lecture and hands-on demonstrations.
This program focuses on residential and commercial burglary investigations.
Areas of instruction include:
• Review of Legal Definitions
• Modus Operandi Considerations
• Common Means of Entry (Forced, Non-Forced, Ruse)
• Scene Processing Procedures
• Event Reconstruction
• Use of DNA & Fingerprint Technologies
• The Value of Tire Track Evidence
• Evidence Report Writing Considerations
• Importance of Pawn Shop Searches
• Handling of Recovered Proceeds
• Case Studies

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