Law Enforcement Leadership Development
Number: 764
MemberFee: No Fee for Member Agencies
Contact: 309-268-8430 or mtu8training@heartland.edu

Leadership Development is an introduction to five of the most crucial leadership pillars needed for current and future leaders. Officers will explore the components of Leadership Styles, including Servant Leadership, Generational Differences, Mentoring & Reverse Mentoring, Communication, and Conflict Resolution. Each topic presents the traditional aspect of each section combined with current events/best practices and is supported with small group assignments and discussion. This leadership course provides valuable and useful content for the patrol officer making critical split decisions, to the supervisor and mid-management supervisor attempting to build rapport, communicate effectively, and solve crucial manpower and shift related issues. Further, this course assists executive management in properly utilizing the appropriate leadership style, communication, and conflict resolution techniques to properly execute the mission at hand. A mixture of officers covering the chain of command increases the group discussions and practical exercises. This course has been presented to every level of an officer from patrol to Chiefs of large metropolitan cities and constantly receives fantastic reviews.

Topics Covered:
• Managing vs. Leading
• 8 Common Leadership Styles
• 9 Qualities of Servant Leadership
• Four Generations in Police Work
• Communication Barriers & the Value of Listening
• Approaches to & Sources of Conflict
• 5 Steps of Proper Conflict Resolution

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