Overdose Death Investigations
Number: 766
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Contact: 309-268-8430 or mtu8training@heartland.edu

Drug-related overdose cases are increasing at an alarming rate across the United States. From the heroin epidemic to the fentanyl crisis, communities are experiencing the deadly effects of illicit drugs. Unfortunately, criminals that often supply the drugs that cause the overdoses, often evade prosecution. One of the primary challenges for law enforcement officers assigned to conduct overdose death investigations is the lack of cooperation from witnesses and/or the victim if he or she is not deceased. As a result, the cases are rarely prosecuted. This two-day training course is designed to equip law enforcement officers with the tools necessary to successfully conduct and prosecute and drug-related overdose cases.

Topics Include:
• Opioid Crisis
• Primary Drugs Causing Overdoses
• Federal Drug Conspiracy Laws
• Toxicology Overview
• Processing/Securing the Crime Scene
• Challenges/Interviews/Lack of Cooperation
• Proactive Investigations

Instructor & Location Date/Time
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.