Narcotics Enforcement & Trafficking Investigations in Hotels/Motels & Parcel/Freight Carriers
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This course is being co-hosted with the Northeast Counterdrug Training Center.

The course focuses on hotel/motel and parcel/freight interdiction and provides an update on legal and constitutional issues related to each interdiction technique. Students will identify each of the seven exceptions to the search warrant rule with emphasis upon stop & frisk, search incident to arrest, probable cause, plain view, plain feel, inventory, and consent. The class will express a working knowledge of the parcel and freight carrier system and the labeling practices for each.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

• List reasons why parcel carriers are used by the criminal element to ship narcotics and monies.
• List and identify some of the patron saints of the “drug underworld” & their impact on narcotics enforcement.
• Identify the test used by the courts to justify the length of an investigative detention.
• Identify how trash searches of abandoned property can be used.
• Identify how audio or video recordings can be used in hotel/motel interdiction.
• Identify how a post-eviction search of a hotel room can be an effective tool.
• Identify the method(s) for using a canine to sniff packages in a parcel or freight carrier facility that comply with Fourth Amendment standards.
• List each of the two different theories on how to start a hotel and motel interdiction unit.
• Express four steps on how to conduct an investigation related to hotel/motel interdiction.
• Identify indicators of narcotic activities that can be used by hotel/motel employees to determine if an individual may be engaged in suspicious activity related to drug trafficking behavior.
• List the techniques to establish a working relationship with parcel or freight carriers.
• Identify indicators that can be used by law enforcement personnel to determine if packages or parcels may contain narcotics.
• Identify each of the nine steps that should be conducted to ensure a successful and professional “controlled delivery” of the suspected package to its destination.
• Identify how to work alternate locations, such as mail boxes, U Box, We Ship, and The Box Place.

Who may attend: Law Enforcement Officers and Narcotics Enforcement Agents

Instructor & Location Date/Time
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.