Barry Ragsdale, Professional Law Enforcement Training

Sergeant Barry Ragsdale is a twenty-eight (28) year veteran of the Dallas Police Department who has spent over seventeen (18) years assigned to the Narcotics Division as an undercover officer/detective, and currently as a supervisor. For almost seven (7) years, Barry was assigned to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration as a Task Force Officer (TFO) to investigate large-scale drug trafficking organizations.

Barry began his law enforcement career with the Dallas Police Department in February 1990. In the early 1990’s, he assisted in the establishment of the Northwest Patrol Drug Task Force whose mission was to investigate street drug complaints. In early 1995, Barry transferred to the Narcotics Division “Street Squads” where he was assigned to work in an undercover capacity purchasing illegal narcotics from street level dealers throughout the city of Dallas.

In 1998, Barry was assigned to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration as a Task Force Officer (TFO). He was the case agent and lead undercover officer on numerous federal investigations over the next six plus years, investigating organizations ranging from the “Texas Syndicate” prison gang to Iranian MDMA/Ecstasy traffickers to GHB manufacturers producing and distributing the drug in mass quantities. While assigned to the DEA Task Force, Barry initiated and worked on numerous complex conspiracy investigations where he worked as an undercover officer, surveillance officer, cultivated and managed CI’s, prepared search warrants, and assisted on Title III wiretap investigations. Barry has participated in numerous prosecutions of federal drug trafficking and money-laundering conspiracies.

In June of 2008, Barry was promoted to the rank of sergeant. In June of 2010, Barry was asked by a Deputy Chief to supervise a uniformed Drug Task Force. The task force was responsible for targeting chronic drug house complaints by conducting covert surveillance, “Knock & Talk” operations, and vehicle traffic stops on felony drug dealers. In November 2012, Barry transferred back to the Narcotics Division where he has supervised numerous successful undercover investigations. He utilizes his experience to teach and direct narcotics detectives on a daily basis and currently supervises a Mid-Level Narcotics Enforcement Squad.

Sgt. Ragsdale is recognized as a hands-on type of leader, which was never more evident than during the tragic events of July 7, 2016, in Dallas, Texas when five uniformed police officers were killed by an armed gunman during a lawful protest. On November 1, 2016, Sgt. Ragsdale was recognized for his actions during that historic event and throughout the year at the Friends of the Dallas Police awards banquet when he was honored with the Dallas Police Department 2016 “Supervisor of the Year” award.
Barry has been qualified and provided expert testimony in narcotics and related cases in both state and federal courts for past fourteen 14 years. Sgt. Ragsdale has been an instructor and guest speaker on numerous narcotics related subjects over the past sixteen (16) years.

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