Dr. Thomas Trice Jr., D.Mgt.

Dr. Thomas L. Trice Jr. currently works for the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department and has served in the field of criminal justice for more than 22 years. Dr. Trice has worked on all levels of law enforcement, which include local, county, state and federal law enforcement. Dr. Trice has worked in several positions that include Supervisor of the Criminal Investigation Section, Supervisor of the Drug Tactical Unit (a federally commissioned unit), Supervisor of the Street Crimes Unit (which is a specialized unit that targets high crime areas of communities) and Chief of Security over the St. Clair County Courthouse. Additionally, Dr. Trice has worked as an Undercover Agent for both state and federal law enforcement, and was a recipient of the Illinois’ “Top State Law Enforcement Officer” award in 2005 for his service and named as one of the “Top 50 Law Enforcement Officers” in the Country.
Throughout his law enforcement career, he has worked more than 18,000 felony cases. He is also an active member of the prestigious Major Case Squad of Greater Saint Louis. Dr. Trice currently holds the rank of Captain. Dr. Trice is also a Nationally Certified and Licensed Polygraph Examiner and is certified to conduct polygraphs in all 50 States and three Countries. Dr. Trice is also an Assistant Adjunct Professor for Saint Louis University (School for Professional Studies) working in the Criminal Justice and Security Management Program (CJSM). In 2010, Dr. Trice was honored and presented “The Excellence in Teaching” by Saint Louis University.

Additionally, Dr. Trice was asked to be the Program Coordinator for the CJSM Program. Also in 2013, Dr. Trice was honored for his innovative teaching style and pedagogy and was inducted as one of Saint Louis University’s “Distinguished Affiliate Faculty Members.” In addition to teaching for Saint Louis University,
Dr. Trice has also worked as an Adjunct Professor with Lindenwood University in their Behavioral and Science Department. Based on student evaluations at both Universities, Dr. Trice has always received well above average scores relative to teaching methodology, rigor of course work, fairness, availability and approachability.
In addition to holding a Doctorate of Management, Dr. Trice has two undergraduate degrees in Criminal Justice and Administration of Justice and Pre-Law from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Dr. Trice also holds two Master’s Degrees, in Leadership Management and another in Human Resource and Development from Webster University. Dr. Trice received his Doctorate Degree in June of 2013 with a focus in organizational behavior, organizational change, and leadership relative to individual’s psychology commitment and social behavior within an organization. Dr. Trice is a lifetime volunteer and has been awarded for his volunteerism by the following organizations: The East Saint Louis PanHellenic Council, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and the YMCA where he continues to serve as a Board Member.

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