Assistant Chief Stephen Petrilli & Chad Hobbs

Steve Petrilli has been with the Normal Police Department for almost 20 years and is currently the Assistant Chief of Operations. He has been a recruiter, FTO, SWAT Operator and K-9 handler. Steve has held supervisory roles in Patrol, VICE, SWAT and for the Town of Normal Employee Wellness Committee. He is a graduate of Illinois State University (B.S.), Northwestern Police Staff and Command and the FBI National Academy Session #264. Steve is a former college athlete, a CF-L1 Trainer, and has successfully completed L-1 Power Athlete Methodology Training as well as Crossfit Law Enforcement Application Specialty Training. Steve is the Head Coach of “Ignite”, a high school-age strength and conditioning program in Bloomington, Illinois and the owner of First Responder Health and Wellness LLC.

Chad Hobbs is the owner of CrossFit Bloomington-Normal (est. 2009) and The Athlete Factory (est. 2013). After an injury plagued collegiate basketball career Chad wanted to learn everything he could about effective strength and conditioning programs to help others avoid what he went through at the next level. He brings this thoughtful approach to his coaching philosophy in that he understands what someone is training for and focuses on the transferable movements to that goal. His goal is for you to perform your best no matter what your domain is outside the gym. Chad’s experience and educational background are as follows:

● BS in Exercise Science (Mayville State University)
● Extensive work with Power Athlete HQ
● 4 Years Collegiate Basketball
● Certified Physical Preparation Specialist Level 1 (CPPS)
● Certified Physical Preparation Specialist Level 2 (CPPS)
● USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach (USAW)
● CrossFit Level 1 Certified
● CrossFit Specialty Certifications:
○ Football
○ Gymnastics
○ Kettlebell
○ Olympic Lifting
○ Nutrition
○ Endurance
○ Movement/Mobility

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