Byron Boston & Joe Garza, Professional Law Enforcement Training

Byron Boston served twenty years with the Dallas Police Department before retiring in May 2017. He spent over fourteen years in the Narcotics Division as an undercover officer. For five years, Byron was assigned to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as a Task Force Officer (TFO) to investigate transnational criminal organizations impacting the Southwest Border of the United States. These investigations involved drug trafficking, extortions, kidnappings, and homicides.

In 2009, while working in an undercover capacity, Byron and his partners were able to infiltrate a violent drug trafficking organization, posing as large-scale drug traffickers. Because of the two-year undercover operation, 28 violent gang members were removed from the community they preyed on.

In 2014, the City of Dallas witnessed several drug-related overdose deaths involving North Texas teens. Byron and his partner were tasked with conducting an undercover operation to target the sources of those narcotics. Because of the investigation, Byron and his partner were nominated for the Dallas Police Officer of the Year in July 2015.

Byron is currently a Reserve Dallas Police Officer and remains active in investigating drug trafficking organizations at all levels. Byron is a certified law enforcement-training instructor and has presented training courses to thousands of military, federal, state, and local law enforcement officers in the United States & Canada.

Joe Garza began his law enforcement career with the Dallas Police Department in January 1989. In January of 1992, he was selected to join the Narcotics “Street Squad” Unit. This unit tasked with making cases on street level drug dealers. While assigned to the Narcotics Street Squad, Joe worked undercover and also executed hundreds of dynamic entry search warrants as the point entry member of the warrant team.

In April 2000, Joe was promoted to Senior Corporal and worked in the Drug Interdiction Unit of the Southeast Patrol Division. In April 2001, he was selected to join the Robbery Unit of the Crimes Against Persons Division as a detective. During his time as a detective in the Crimes Against Persons Division, Joe investigated hundreds of cases, often relying on interview and interrogation skills to obtain confessions from suspects.

In June 2005, Joe was promoted to Sergeant. In June of 2006, he was selected to join the Public Integrity Unit as one of two unit supervisors. This unit criminally investigated city employees, public officials, and police officers. In 2010, Joe was selected to join the Homicide Unit as a supervisor. As a supervisor, Joe has led hundreds of murder investigations along with suicides and unexplained deaths and officer- involved shootings.

On July 7, 2016, Joe supervised the interviews and interrogations on the worst day in Dallas Police history when four Dallas officers and one DART officer were gun downed in downtown Dallas.

Joe’s career has been very diverse and he has gained the knowledge and experience and expertise to lead many different investigations with the Dallas Police Department. Joe retired in April 2018 after serving nearly 30 years with the Dallas Police Department.

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Overdose Death Investigations 04/09/20-
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