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Number: 508

  • Civil Rights
  • Constitutional Use of Law Enforcement Authority
  • Human Rights
  • Legal Updates
  • Procedural Justice
  • Sexual Assault Investigator Training
  • Sexual Assault Trauma Informed Response
September 2, 2021
0830 - 1630

** Prerequisite:  Completion of Sexual Assault Trauma Informed Response for Patrol (in the 1-day live format) is a prerequisite for attending this course. **

Trauma Informed, Victim Centered Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse training will provide new perspectives on understanding sex assault victims and will cover best practices for investigating sex crimes. Instruction will address trauma informed interviews, neurobiology and the brain, social and digital media, hospital protocols, false reporting, and other relevant topics. The course will be conducted by law enforcement, legal, and medical practitioners who are certified to deliver the curriculum.

This course, in conjunction with the Sexual Assault Trauma Informed Response for Patrol/Initial Responders, meets mandated training requirements for all investigators who conduct sexual assault and abuse investigations as set forth in the Sexual Assault Incident Procedure Act (Public Act 99-0801).