Code of Conduct

Law and Justice Commission Mobile Training Unit 8 Policy


I. Purpose

It is the purpose of this policy to define the proper code of conduct, command structure, procedures and remedies for all employees of agencies that utilize the training resources provided by the Law and Justice Commission, MTU 8.

II. Policy

The Board of Directors of the Law and Justice Commission, MTU 8 recognizes the need to establish guidelines for all employees who are participating in MTU 8 sponsored training courses. Employees have a need to know what guidelines are in place and what procedures are applicable while they are attending training provided by MTU 8. This policy is in effect for all member and non-member agencies that participate in training provided by MTU 8.

III. Definitions

IV. Authority

The responsible person in charge at any training MTU 8 sponsors, regardless of the rank of the student attending, shall be in the following order:

  1. Supervisory officer of student’s agency attending class
  2. MTU 8 staff
  3. Instructor of training class

V. Student Attire

Students are to wear appropriate attire for the particular training they are receiving.

If training is outside, students should wear appropriate clothing for the season. At no time will students be allowed to wear attire that shows lewd or graphic illustrations or obscenity that may offend others.

Officers are to keep firearms concealed from public view (unless in uniform) while attending classes.

VI. Classroom Behavior

Students are to recognize that they are representatives of their agency and should act accordingly. Students will remain awake, alert and attentive to instruction and follow the directions of the instructor. Smoking and smokeless tobacco are prohibited while inside classrooms. Students who are disruptive to the good order of the class or who refuse to cooperate or follow instructions will be asked to leave the classroom by the instructor or MTU 8 staff. The student’s department head or designee shall be advised of this action as soon as practical.

The instructor shall have the right to instruct students where to sit and expect them to participate in training. The instructor shall be notified prior to the beginning of class if, for any reason, a student has a physical disability that would not allow him/her to take part in training.

It is recognized that due to emergencies or required court appearances, students may have to leave class. It shall be the students responsibility to advise staff or the instructor of the reason they need to leave prior to leaving the class.

VII. MTU 8 Responsibility

It shall be the responsibility of the staff and or the instructor to advise the employing agency that the student left the classroom and for what reason and if it was an excused or unexcused absence. If the incident surrounding the departure of the student was of a confrontational nature between the instructor or staff, a written memo regarding this incident shall be forwarded to the students department head or designee and the MTU 8 director.

VIII. Attendance Requirements

Absences in excess of 10% of the scheduled course hours will prevent successful completion of the course. This policy applies to all courses. Instructors and staff shall use reasonable judgment when determining compliance with this policy.

IX. Injuries

Immediately report any injuries occurring during the training to the classroom instructor or MTU 8 staff. That information shall be forwarded to the students department head or designee.

X. Student Appeal Procedure

The student shall have the opportunity to provide his department head and MTU 8 a response regarding his departure from class or his actions at class. This must be done within two working days (Monday through Friday). The appeal shall be in writing, specify the grounds for appeal and include a statement of the students position and reasons in support of the relief requested. The response to the appeal shall be prepared by the director of MTU 8.

Adopted on the 6th day of September, 2005, by MTU 8 Board of Directors.