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Number: 100

April 5, 2021 - April 16, 2021
0800 - 1600

Designed for the unique environment of law enforcement, the Supervision of Police Personnel (SPP) course prepares law enforcement supervisors for success in their unique working environments as they perform one of the most critical roles in law enforcement today. Serving as a solid foundation for personal development, this critical course introduces participants to concepts and methods they will rely on throughout their careers. Experienced instructors present this nationally renowned program in a manner only respected law enforcement leaders with extensive on-the-job experience and academic expertise can. The instructors go beyond teaching the important topics, concepts, and strategies necessary to improve performance and meet organizational expectations; they discuss how to effectively implement strategies, apply concepts, and evaluate situations where the problems are real and performance outcomes matter. By the end of the course, students understand that success or failure on the street, or in the office, can be difference between knowing what action to take, and knowing how to take action.

Course Content:  During the two-week SPP course, participants study and demonstrate their understanding of current and emerging policing issues for immediate use on the job. Course content includes:

  • The Personal Profile System: DiSC instrument
  • The Supervisory Challenge (role of the supervisor)
  • Communication Skills
  • Employee Performance Appraisal
  • Motivational Principles
  • Managing the Problem Employee
  • Leadership as the Key
  • Planning and Decision Making
  • The Disciplinary Process (Complaint Investigations)
  • Responsibilities of a Staff Officer
  • Ethics, Professionalism, and Community Image
  • Supervising Diversity
  • Critical Incident Management

Who Should Attend:  The SPP course is highly recommended for law enforcement officers seeking promotion to a supervisory role, supervisors with limited supervisory experience, or experienced supervisors who have not received formal instruction in supervision or leadership.

Required Course Materials:  All students are REQUIRED to to bring a laptop computer, tablet or other device with internet accessibility. Students will utilize NUCPS’ secure cloud-based learning portal.