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Number: 750

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Procedural Justice
March 5, 2024
0830 - 1630

The class will include new skills for workplace shootings, school shootings, spill-over domestic violence, large occupancy building shootings and other events that are considered “active shooter” situations.

Students will learn new call taking, planning and dispatching skills that they can use immediately. What would you do if you received a call of a shooting at a local church, factory, transit hub, school or in town square? The instructor will not only share lessons learned, but will also work through instructor facilitated problem solving situations to better prepare any communications professional.

Trainers and Supervisors will also learn how to coordinate an event and what notifications and resources may be necessary during large or small scale events.

Course objectives include:

  • To gain knowledge about the crimes related to active shooter situations
  • To learn motives behind active shooter situations
  • To understand and demonstrate call taking and dispatching skills that can be used during active shooter situations
  • To understand creative call taking and dispatching skills that may help responders and citizens
  • To better understand the uniqueness of many recent active shooter tragedies