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Number: 718

July 18, 2023 - July 20, 2023
0830 - 1630

This program prepares Law Enforcement Instructors to teach important fundamentals of Active Shooter/Mass Casualty critical incident response. This course covers critical instructor development concepts and end user teaching points. Additional instructional areas covered will include:

  • The Management Action Tactics Systems (M.A.T.S.™) – proper management of the “hot zone” for first responders
  • Tactical formations such as Diamond Flex™, assorted entry and clearing teaching methods
  • The “Broken Arrow™” response formation which assists agencies with a limited amount of personnel to respond more confidently and efficiently
  • Single officer response and critical movement and assessment concepts
  • Analysis of past history and attack methods to current tactics used by mass shooters
  • The introduction and review of the Active Shooter Emergency Response Plan (ASERP®)
  • Understanding the importance of the “7 Critical Tasks” in conjunction with the Active Shooter Emergency Response Plan (ASERP®)
  • Rescue method concepts and understanding the importance of Medical Care Under Fire® during Active Shooter/Mass Casualty events
  • The importance of networking with schools and businesses and providing site safety assessments

Required Equipment: Duty belt or tactical holster set up, ballistic vest, eye protection, hearing protection, weapon mounted lights or flash lights, appropriate footwear, seasonal clothing for indoor and outdoor facility training, handgun (mandatory), sub-gun or rifle (recommended but not required), hydration drinks, notebook and pen