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Number: 516

  • De-escalation Techniques
  • Emergency Medical Response
  • Law Concerning Stops, Searches, and Use of Force
  • Legal Updates
  • Officer Safety Techniques
July 31, 2024

History has shown Law Enforcement responding to an active shooter situation needs to be trained for and handled at the patrol level. Tactical teams will likely not be able to respond in enough time to neutralize the threat.

This 8-hour course is designed to instruct all officers, at all levels, in techniques and tactics that can effectively be used in response to an active shooter. Termed “Rapid Deployment,” these techniques and tactics are meant to show officers at the first responder level how to maneuver in a solo officer response as well as 2 and 3 officer teams in order to neutralize an immediate threat as quickly as possible. The goal is simple: stop the threat, and save lives.

Topics addressed include:
-defining and active shooter
-brief history of active shooter incident’s
-small team formations and movements
-basic room entry and clearing
-scenarios utilizing role players and simmunitions

Those attending should bring:
-eye protection
-body armor (Recommended. If body armor is worn, it is recommended another piece of clothing be worn over it to avoid paint from sim rounds getting on it.) —-gloves and protective clothing for simmunition rounds (Sweatshirt/jacket is recommended. Please wear clothing you won’t mind getting paint from sim rounds on.)
-duty belt (or whatever you wear to work on a daily basis)
-duty pistol with magazines
-AR-15 with sling (recommended – student must be qualified by their department to carry the AR-15)
-Simmunition conversion kit for weapons if department has them available (instructors will have kits for Sig Sauer P229 and AR-15 in addition to two converted Glock pistols)
– No live rounds will be needed.

Instructor: MTU 8 Instructors