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Number: 653

November 9, 2021
0800 - 1600

This course is designed for patrol officers. Whether the call is for an alarm, a cold burglary, or a hostage scenario, building search tactics are very similar. This course will provide officers an opportunity to learn and practice tactics in order to safely and tactically search a building.
Attendees will participate in scenarios involving solo, two man and four man searches.

Course Goals:
• Better understand tactical decision making
• Show proficiency in solo officer search skills
• Show proficiency in two man search skills
• Improve weapons handling during searches
• Improve handheld/weapon light use
• Assessing and properly engaging targets
• Post contact handling of suspects

Required student equipment:
• Eye Protection
• Duty Belt
• Vest
• Pistol with Magazine

** The maximum number of students for this course is 10.

Instructor: MTU 8 Instructors