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Number: 712

April 4, 2023
0830 - 1630

It all starts with a phone call. Members of your team will gain a renewed sense of why customer service is essential within public safety. This class will empower your dispatchers, call takers and records personnel to adopt a sincere and effective level of customer service for every caller. Using real-life examples and focused, in-person exercises, your staff will learn why effective customer service is an every day, every call mandate.

Participants will gain critical tools for how to interact with incoming callers from all sectors of a demanding industry. The course contains many relevant examples and excellent scenarios, and has become so popular that we have recently begun contracting with local agencies to train their entire workforce.

This course brings a fresh look at community-based policing by highlighting the importance of what is often seen as a missing link – communications and records personnel. In American Emergency Preparedness’ view, models for community policing cannot be effective unless they include the communications center and records department, and in such a way that involves all departments working together as a team. Create an inclusive representation of your community using our proven techniques.

This class will be responsible for turning around any deeply-entrenched negativity that may exist within the personnel that work within your agency.