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Number: 703

  • Legal Updates
April 18, 2024 - April 19, 2024

The course will educate and supply information regarding the preliminary field identification of illegal and diverted legal drugs, as well as associated paraphernalia to law enforcement personnel. The course should serve as a tool and aid in the identification of drugs, aimed at the reduction of usage an illicit sale. The course provides for definitions of basic drug terminology and the scheduling of drugs based on Controlled Substance ACT (CSA). Information will be provided on the chemical make-up of controlled substances as well as the manner in which they are produced for human consumption. This course of instruction will describe the manner in which the controlled substances are introduced into the human body and physical reactions caused by the use of dangerous controlled substances.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:
1. Define:
• Narcotics
• Stimulant
• Depressant
• Hallucinogen
• Sterol substances
2. Visually identify:
• Cannabis Sativa – in both natural and processed states
• Cocaine
• Opiates
• Hallucinogens
• Anabolic Steroids
• Inhalants
3. Define the CSA schedule and the criteria for scheduling dangerous controlled substances under this act.
4. Describe the psychological and physiological responses of the human body when under the influence of controlled substances listed under the CSA.
5. Describe the processing method for preparing controlled substances for human ingestion.
6. Identify the weighted amounts of dangerous controlled substances as they are packaged for distribution.

MTU 8 is not taking registration for this course. To register, please visit the Northeast Counterdrug Training Center’s website at click on Northeast Counterdrug Training Center “Enter Site”, find course and select “Register”, log into your NCTC account (an NCTC account is requires to register for training), agree to terms and conditions and click “Register”.