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Number: 802

October 1, 2024
0800 - 1600

Even the most competent and careful emergency drivers may eventually have to face an emergency situation on the road where their correct judgment and quick response can make the difference between a collision and mere incident. The driver probably will not have time to think, but must get out of the critical situation by taking the proper action without conscious thought.

Unfortunately, few drivers have had a chance to practice the techniques required to handle common emergency situations. They may have read or heard, discussed how to handle blowouts, skids and other occurrences; but theoretical knowledge is no substitute for experience and for the feel of a vehicle as the driver responds properly to an emergency. A review of the available accident causation research indicates that misinterpretation of the driving task and improper response to emergency situations are leading contributors to collisions.

This course will provide law enforcement personnel with the skills, knowledge, and behavior traits needed to safely and effectively operate their emergency vehicles under different traffic and weather conditions.

* Limit of 3 spots per agency.

* Each participating agency should provide their own vehicle. If this is an issue, please contact MTU 8.

* Due to FAA regulations, this course is only available to McLean County departments. 

Instructor: MTU 8 Instructors