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Number: 727

  • Constitutional Use of Law Enforcement Authority
  • Procedural Justice
August 15, 2024 - August 16, 2024
0830 - 1630

This 2-day workshop lays the foundation & constructs for the relationship between FTO/Agency and the probationary employee.  It explores specific differences in training recruit graduates & experienced lateral hires.  It teaches the skills for FTO professional feedback, debriefing trainees, neutral/unbiased writing skills for Daily Observation Reports & all FTO written documentation.  It discusses challenges with training laterals who intend to retire on duty, & millennials who feel entitled, refuse to listen & receive criticism, & lack skills for public relationship-building.

The class discusses training liability, when to involve Supervision, & setting standards that adhere to department policies.  It reviews report writing & editing for probationary issues.

Topics include:

  • Relationship between Probationary Employee and the FTO/Agency
  • Differences in training recruit graduates and experienced lateral hires
  • Professional feedback and debriefing of trainees
  • Writing skills for DOR and other documentation
  • Training liability and supervision
  • Report writing and editing
Instructor: Jan Mirikitani