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Number: 805

  • Constitutional Use of Law Enforcement Authority
  • High-risk Traffic Stops
  • Law Concerning Stops, Searches, and Use of Force
  • Officer Safety Techniques
April 8, 2024 - April 9, 2024
0830 - 1630

This train-the-trainer course focuses on training officers in high risk vehicle stops with an emphasis placed on keeping officers, their fellow officers, and nearby citizens safe from harm while utilizing tactics, sound judgement, and verbal communication.

Topics include:

  • History, Evolution & Tactical Errors of High Risk Vehicle Stops – Discussion regarding the history, evolution, tactical errors and lessons learned by examining past high risk vehicle stop incidents including the review of written materials and video documentation. Students will have the ability to discuss and instruct the history and evolution described in this block.
  • Teaching the Anatomy of Contact/Cover – Define the overall role, responsibility and strategy of contact and cover. Identify standard operational safety procedures for all field contacts.
  • Teaching Modern High Risk Vehicle Stop Tactics: Centerfuge & the Michigan State Police Model – Illustrate the dynamics of a modern, state of the art high risk stop including ballistics, vehicle positioning, officer positioning, verbal commands, equipment issues, rifle deployment, verbal commands, handcuffing and positioning of suspects, searching suspects, questioning and intelligence gathering, securing suspect(s) and vehicle clearing/clean-up.
  • Teaching Practical Exercises & Scenarios – Attendees will be able to discuss, demonstrate and deliver practical instruction in teaching methods of conducting high risk vehicle stops to other student officers. Safety of instructors, role players, and student officers will be emphasized. Attendees will be qualified to demonstrate and deliver practical exercises and scenarios at the end of this block of training.

A PowerPoint presentation will be provided to attendees at the completion of this course.

** MTU 8 is limiting the number of attendees to three (3) per department at this time. If you would like to place additional Officers on a stand-by list, please email me. If there are spots remaining after May 26, departments with Officers on the stand-by list, will be notified.