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Number: 594

  • Cultural Competency
  • Human Rights
  • Procedural Justice
August 19, 2024 - August 22, 2024
0800 - 1630

Participants will discuss classroom-teaching methods for law enforcement personnel. They will: develop a source documents, write achievable learning objectives, develop a lesson plan, note training mandates met by the course, develop test questions measuring learning objectives, learn to include visual training aids, and practice public speaking.

** This course is both work and time intensive. Participants must invest out-of-class time to complete required/due assignments.

Participants learn how to write all course required paperwork:
a. Sample source document (SD), using 3 types of sources
b. The source document for your final teaching project
c. Three learning objectives (LO) & lesson plan (LP) synopsis
d. Final project LP with 3 main outline body parts
e. Five types of test questions to measure LO and LP: true/false, multiple choice, matching, short answer, essay question
f. Inclusion of visual training aids

Participants will practice public speaking skills by:
a. Giving (1) 2-3 minutes presentations, one with a training aid (prepared on your time out of class)
b. A team presentation (planned in class)
c. Presenting a 10-12 minute final teaching project from your LP, integrating (2) visible training aids; one may be a handout (requires out-of-class preparation & practice)

Participants will need:
a. A topic for a 2-3 minute presentation; doesn’t have to be @LE
b. A LE topic for your final teaching project. The instructor doesn’t assign topics, but will help the student find one that is useful to him/her and their department. Participants may use previously taught manual material, but they must write the LOs and LP that they teach for their final presentation.
c. A laptop for in-class work & a thumb-drive
d. Resource materials for their final project source document. They may use: books, manuals, periodicals, pamphlets, videos, handouts, previously made PowerPoint slides. They may have only one source for their final project (PPCT manual, AR-15 manual).
(Plan to bring your source materials by Day 2)

**Candidates may not miss any class sessions without my pre-approval. Please contact the instructor before the class begins if you must miss class. This course requires verbal presentations and written/typed assignments. Please make arrangements for your child-care pick-up in advance. It will not be a reason to leave class early.

Instructor: Jan Mirikitani