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Number: 806

September 13, 2024
0830 - 1630

This course is designed for new and experienced law enforcement officers, as well as newly-assigned juvenile officers.  Students will examine and discuss the latest changes to the Juvenile Court Act, Chapter 705, Articles I and V, Delinquency Provisions, along with recent court cases directing law enforcement in conducting proper interrogations and interviews while guaranteeing minors’ rights.

Topics to be examined include:

  • Law enforcement interrogation skills
  • Juvenile Court Act, Chapter 705, Delinquency Provisions, Article V
  • Comprehensive examination of juvenile rights
  • Chapter 704 and Illinois Detention Law, PA 85-1443
  • Recent revisions of the Juvenile Court Act, Chapter 705
  • Responsibilities of arresting police officers and juvenile officers
  • Recent Court decisions affecting the implementation of the Juvenile Court Act
  • Chronic truants
  • Station adjustments
  • Parental rights and responsibilities
Instructor: Brian Galske