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Number: 501

  • Civil Rights
  • Constitutional Use of Law Enforcement Authority
  • Cultural Competency
  • Human Rights
  • Lead Homicide Investigator
  • Legal Updates
  • Procedural Justice
April 22, 2024 - April 26, 2024
0800 - 1600

This course was specifically designed for the State of Illinois to meet the requirements set forth in Public Act 96-1111. It has been certified by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training & Standards Board. The course curriculum is based on the curriculum as proposed for the Lead Death/Homicide Investigator certification.

This 40-hour course includes important instructional modules in crime scene analysis, forensic pathology, death certification, interview and interrogation, application of 4th and 5th amendments, false confessions and courtroom testimony.

The Lead Homicide Investigator training course features interactive lecture and discussions of actual homicide case histories, videos, murder statutes and laws specific to the state(s) represented by the lead homicide investigation seminar participants.

This comprehensive seminar provides instruction in investigating and prosecuting death cases from the start of the investigation through evidence collection, autopsy, suspect interviews, press conferences, trial testimony and ultimately conviction.

Course Topics:

  • Managing and Evaluating the Crime Scene
  • Death Notifications
  • Investigative Tactics
  • Death Certification
  • Cause and Manner of Death – Autopsy
  • Multiple Methods of Interview & Interrogation
  • Handling the News Media
  • Development of Cold Case Leads
  • Task Force Operations
  • Miranda
  • 4th Amendment – Search & Seizure
  • 5th Amendment – Evidence, GSR, Speaking
  • False Confessions
  • Preparation for and Testimony of Trial