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Number: 717

May 4, 2023 - May 5, 2023
0830 - 1630

Those assigned to the all-important role of Field Training Officer (FTO) attend training on how an FTO process should be managed. They are instructed on what subjects and tactics recruit officers need be evaluated on. However, few FTOs are trained themselves, on how to teach and demonstrate those all-important subjects and tactics.

Scenarios & Tactics for the Field Training Officer is a dynamic, interactive and informative seminar developed by highly experienced police officers, trainers and FTOs.

In this 2-Day program students will examine their FTO role from the very beginning of the Field Training process to the ultimate end. They will address the Why about their role and goals. They will learn how to teach adults and consider generational differences. And they will reexamine their understanding of tactics and how to mentor, demonstrate and teach recruits so they will develop an understanding of how proficiency is developed and how they should utilize that understanding as their careers progress.

Scenarios: Each student will be given dozens of scenarios to take with them and utilize during the training process. They will learn how to include recruits, how to run them and what to look for as recruits participate.

Topics covered:

  • It Starts with Why: Purpose, Cause, Beliefs
  • Analysis of actual videos of police/citizen interactions
  • Scenario training
  • The Role of the FTO as trainer, teacher, evaluator & mentor
  • The Interaction Stages: How to observe, assess, decide and behave
  • Balance between a guardian role and a warrior mentality
  • The Fatal Four
  • Considering the trainee perspective
  • Adult Learning: How to teach adults
  • Generational considerations
  • Four Stages of Learning & Performance
  • Feedback: Phrases, question, listening & follow-up
  • Acute Stress and its impact on behavior
  • Tactics, tactics, tactics